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Teslas of all types are invited to participate in this All-American parade Presented by Ocean Shores – North Bend Elks Lodge.

This event is free and open to the public (TOCPNW has paid the parade fee for our group of Teslas).  Please Register by June 4th using the form below so we can give the parade organizers an idea of how many cars we’ll have.We have space for up to 20 cars. (Please be sure to read the parade FAQ’s at the end of this post).

Please meet at 9:30 am at the parking lot of the Canterbury Inn and Suites (643 Ocean Shores Blvd).  We will then go as a group to the parade staging area.  The parade starts at 11am, and typically concludes around 12:30.  After the parade, the parade participants disperse, but for those who want to continue the fun, please join us for a group lunch, as we did last year (~1:00-2:30pm).  After lunch let’s all head to the beach for some pics!!

Make a weekend out of it:

The Canterbury Inn and Suites is offering a special overnight rate for the TOCNW participants. Canterbury Inn, 643 Ocean Shores Blvd, Ocean Shores, WA. There is a 10% discount when you call (360) 289-3317 and mention the Tesla Group.

The weather in Ocean Shores is unpredictable. It is right on the Pacific Ocean, and is typically 20 degrees cooler than Seattle in the Summer. Please bring a hooded coat as the temperatures will be cooler towards the evening.

Parade FAQ’s:

Is this kid and pet friendly?

Kids are more than welcome!  Throwing candy from the car is a tradition in this parade.  Kids line up and are expecting treats.  IF we wish to throw candy, then we have to have at least 2 walkers. Their job is to watch for children and adults that may get in the way of the vehicle.

Should I bring Candy to throw?

Yes, but please make it hard candy, not chocolate that can melt and make a mess.

What about pets?

Pets are welcome to ride in your car and enjoy the fun. If you do bring a pet, please sure your pet is comfortable with crowds and loud noises.  If the animal is walked in the parade, a person must follow the animals to remove any excrement left along the parade route.  This is just good manners, afterall!

 Should I decorate my car?

Since this is a Flag Day Parade, it is appropriate to have your Tesla decorated. Steamers, flags, red, white and blue.  Show how proud we are to drive a US made car.

Registration form for: Flag Day Parade - Ocean Shores, WA