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Celebrate NDEW by showing the gas car drivers how great it is to drive electric on the track! TOCPNW will be joining Hooked on Driving for a day at the Ridge Motorsports Park.

This is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at performance driving, in a safe instructive environment. All new drivers have instructors in cars, and sessions are separated based on driver experience level.

This is ‘cooperative’ high speed driving—meaning no crazy cutting in front or around you. Each driver goes at their pace. Driver in front offers the other driver to pass by signaling. This means each driver gets to challenge themselves to their own level.

  1. We get early registration to have as many Teslas as we want (after that, they will open registration to other HOD members— internal combustion engine cars). We need a few more to have our own run group (Teslas only).
  2. For those that want to enjoy the track day but are afraid or ruining their tires, there is a separate registration for a parade lap (follow-the-leader, max speed 45 mph).
  3. We also welcome other TOC members to come, watch the fun and answer questions about Tesla. We will also be offering ride-a-longs to the ‘gear head’ ICE drivers (on local roads, not race track). No, fee or registration for this option, just RSVP to lori@tocpnw.org.

This event is open to all TOC members. Please be an active member of TOCPNW or one of our sister TOC groups in Portland, British Columbia or NorCal. Join or renew TOCPNW online here.

Please RSVP to lori@tocpnw.org for link to online registration for our special HOD event.