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When: August 11th, 2018, from 3:15 pm until after dark/meteor shower, option to stay over and have group brunch on Sunday.

What:  Wild Horse Wind and Solar Farm Tour and Meteor Shower Viewing

Tickets: This is a free event. Pack your own food for a picnic dinner. There is no place to buy food or water up at the viewing site.

UPDATE: The event is open for all EV’s. If you want to join us, we will be getting a behind the scenes private tour of the solar farm (not just the public tours that PSE gives).

The event is free. PSE has advertised that anyone can come to view the meteors on the evening of both the 11th and 12th.  However, if you join us on the 11th, you will get access to the public tour of the windmill and a private tour of the solar array.

Please email lori@tocpnw.org and provide the following details: number of adults, children, type of car, and if you are part of TOCPNW or some other EV group. We will have space to accommodate 100 people on our private tour.

Also, folks have asked about camping on site. There is no tent camping allowed. If you want to stay overnight, please make your own reservations at a campsite or hotel nearby. (Though some folks suggested sleeping in their cars, PSE has said no. Also, bathroom access is only until midnight). If you plan to stay after closing, you need to get a permit. I will send out maps and permits after folks RSVP.

General Description:

Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 11th-12th. This is a not to be missed/once in a lifetime event!!

This year the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks on the weekend of the 11th & 12th of Aug., the first time the peak has occurred on a weekend in years, and it may not happen again for another 50 years! We will be above the fog, and away from the city lights, so we should have a great view.

Meet at the PSE’s Wild Horse Wind and Solar farm at 3:30 pm (NOTE: THIS IS A CHANGE, FROM PREVIOUSLY POSTED MEETING TIME AND LOCATION). We will be met by staff and given a “behind the scenes tour of the facility including the opportunity for a group picture in front of the solar array. After the tour and presentation pick out a nice spot and wait for the show.

Please bring warm coats, hats and a blanket or two as you are several thousand feet up and it will be cold after sundown!

For those that want more–make your own overnight reservations, and on Sunday we can get together for brunch before heading home.

This is very much a “kid-friendly” facility so bring all the young ones.

The staff is very excited to have a group of Teslas coming for a visit, so let’s pull out the stops and bring them a crowd.