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Membership Benefits

  • Tons of free fun events (BBQ’s, road trips,  potluck, etc.)
  • Reduced cost to ticketed events for level 2 and 3 members (poker run, wine tours, catered parties)
  • Use of group charging adapters
  • Meet fellow enthusiasts or Geek out with Tesla folks
  • Copilot program—be a buddy to a new Tesla owner and help them get the most out of their experience
  • Participate in our once yearly group purchase of discounted Tesla swag
  • Be part of a larger community

Level 1 Basic

  • Description – Member that would like to stay connected and participate in free events
  • Benefits – Invitations to all group events + Single entry into end of year raffle + Business card template
  • Notes – These members can pay to access privately hosted events or to borrow group assets*

Level 2 Full Charger

  • Description – Member that would like to actively participate in various types of events
  • Benefits – Level 1 Benefits + 2 entries end of year raffle + $25 discount applied to your first private event / year (does not include charity events)
  • Notes – These members can pay to borrow group assets*

Level 3 Super Charger

  • Description – Member that would like full access to everything the group offers
  • Benefits – Level 2 Benefits + 3 entries for end of year raffle + Free access to group assets*
  • Notes – N/A

Charging Founders

  • We also offer a Charging Founders Membership level for those that want to contribute to our development. Donations are welcome as we are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please use the Contact Us button below to let us know you are interested in becoming a founder.

*Group assets are items owned by the organization that are deemed appropriate by the board for member use, such as vehicle charging adapters, event banners/tables/tents, etc.