Renewable Energy

One of the best features of electric cars is that the electricity that fuels them can be generated by…well, pretty much anything. Local priorities (in some cases even down to the household level – that is, your priorities) can drive a choice of energy sources based on the relative importance of features such as price, reliability, pollution, carbon footprint – and the energy sources can change as priorities and/or external factors change.
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Tesla Co-Pilot

Our co-pilot program is one where we pair a new Tesla owner with an owner who has experience with the same model vehicle, preferably in the local area.  This gives the new owner a “buddy” or “co-pilot” to reach out to (as well as additional resources like our email) when they have questions or concerns about their new Tesla and its operation or functionality.  Though Tesla’s user interface is pretty straightforward, and the owner’s manual is full of great information, there are always situations where finding the answer isn’t quite so simple.  Your co-pilot is there to help.

Yes, as a new owner that would appreciate having a coachYes, as an experienced owner willing to be a coach

Plug In America EV Battery Surveys

Plug In America is a non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group. They are conducting a series of surveys of electric vehicle owners to better understand battery longevity and owner experience. If you’d like to participate, please click the link below.
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